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Exercise Caution When Contemplating Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are applied directly on the surface of the eyes. The risks of wearing them include infection, irritation, dry eyes, blurry vision, and blindness in extreme cases. Lenses can also scratch the eyes, fall out, or trap particles, which causes pain. It is important to keep lenses clean, moist, only in as long as directed.

Different Types

There are several options for contact lenses in Australia. Wear times range from daily disposal lenses, to those that are designed to stay in place for up to three-months. In between there are lenses that are worn for one-week, two-weeks, and one-month. Top brands have lines specifically designed for multi-focal lenses, lenses for astigmatism, and colored prescription lenses. Non-prescription lenses are available.

Proper Use

Once a type of lens is selected, routine care is explained to the wearers of that particular brand. One critical aspect of proper lens use is the total time the lenses are worn. Contacts cannot be worn past their intended time limit. Many people leave them in longer to save money on ordering new ones. Stop that practice immediately.

Dangers and risks multiply rapidly when one-week contact lenses are worn for two-weeks, or those that are to be worn for one-month remain in for three-months. No matter how well they are cleaned, germs and protein build up on lenses. The lenses also begin to break down when worn longer than recommended. This is due to the fact that they are made of plastic and have pores to keep the eyes moist.

Save in Other Ways

People can save money, rather than compromise vision, when they buy contact lenses online. Like most everything else today, wearers can upload their prescription and get it cheaper online. The lenses are from the same top manufacturers that are sold in eye doctor offices. Acuvue, Baush + Lomb, and Copper Vision are a few examples. If the brands are the same, why are Contact Lenses Online so much more affordable?

Direct from Manufacturers

Experienced companies providing high-quality lenses at discounted pricing buy directly from the manufacturers. The manufacturers reduce pricing because they gain a consistent source of orders and exposure from the E commerce website. The company offers lower prices than the competition and attract more new customers. The arrangement is a mutually beneficial one.

Customers benefit as well because they can change lenses on time. The discounted pricing means there is no reason to wear contact lenses longer than directed. Wearers can follow instructions and remain within their budgets.


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